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Most Annoying People Walking the Face of the Earth Right Now

Sometimes I just can’t help it. Every few months, my hatred for certain people grows so strong that I feel the need to put them in one of these lists and tell everyone why I hate them. I hope you all enjoy.

Jake Paul

Listen, the dude can box a little bit. Sure, he hasn’t fought anybody that would allow most people to see that he can actually fight a bit, but he’s been winning. It’s really freaking annoying. That’s because he’s annoying. I know his brand is to be controversial and a bit of a dick, but I don’t think his brand is that far off from who he actually is. The dude just sucks big time.

Jamie Lynn Spears

She owes everything to Britney. Everything. And now we have to hear her contradict herself over and over when she clearly did nothing to help Britney get out of the essential prison she was living in? No way, José. She was hot on Zoey 101: fact. But she isn’t anymore. She’s just riding Britney’s coattails yet again. I won’t stand for it.

Machine Gun Kelly

I’ll be honest on this one. I’m just really jealous. How does he get Megan Fox? I’d understand with a lot of other guys, but him? C’mon. It doesn’t make sense.


You know what? I miss the old Kanye. hate the new Kanye. I know he’s got all kinds of issues, and I’m sympathetic to that. Except for the fact that every time I open up Twitter, I see another ridiculous thing he’s doing. C’mon, man. Go back to the sweet Kanye, chop up the beats Kanye.

Chance the Rapper

What happened to you, man? I’m not the biggest rap fan, but I loved this dude. And then he started putting out GARBAGE. I’m thankful for all the greats he gave us, but he needs to pull his head out of his butt cheeks and give us gold again.

Jackson Mahomes

I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the balls the soft fleshy patch where his balls used to be. Talk about piggybacking on fame. Your brother is one of the greatest athletes in the world. Why don’t you stop being a little bitch and just shut the hell up, man?

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