Movie Mondays: Week 7 – TV Edition

Week 7 Selection: Rules of Engagement (2007-2013) created by Tom Hertz

I won’t even pretend to have the energy to give this blog my all. The Philadelphia 76ers sucked the life out of me last night, and all I want to do today is sit in my bed and not think about how Ben Simmons is the biggest let down of all time. The show goes on, though, so I thought today I’d bring you all a TV show that you can pop on for some silliness when you’re experiencing the heartbreak that I and the rest of the Sixers fanbase are going through right now.

Rules of Engagement is wildly under-watched, but that doesn’t reflect at all on the quality of the show. David Spade (Richard from Tommy Boy) and Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson in Family Guy) are the two biggest names in the show, but it also stars Megyn Price, Bianca Kajlich (both super hot), and Oliver Hudson (also pretty hot). It ran for seven seasons and one hundred and one episodes, hitting its stride late in the second season. Tom Hertz, the creator, did a lot of the writing for the show, but the only thing of any huge popularity that he also worked on was The King of Queens with Kevin James. 

The show follows Jeff and Audrey (Warburton and Price), a married couple of many years, Adam and Jennifer (Hudson and Kajlich), a newly engaged couple, and Russel (David Spade), a single womanizer who’s been a longtime friend of Adam’s. It’s a sitcom, so there’s not really any huge necessity to watch the show in order start to finish. But I still think that it’s worth it because you genuinely won’t want to miss any of the episodes. I’d like to mention that the theme song is awesome, as well. 

Here’s a clip from the show because they don’t really make trailers for television. Also, trade Ben Simmons.

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