Mr. Wonderful To Teach “Anti-Bud Light” College Course

Mr. Wonderful could be your next professor and if so, expect the most interesting class of all time.

Star of Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary just announced plans to teach college level courses all about the Bud Light downfall. Appearing on Fox and Friends yesterday morning, O’Leary suggested that Bud Light’s fall from glory over the past three months has been so historic and unprecedented that he feels the need to use it as an example to teach college students about marketing.

“This is an extraordinary case, and one I’ll be teaching in business schools across America this fall,” Mr. Wonderful said.

Bud Light has lost over 25% of its market share since April 1 when it first showcased transgender Dylan Mulvaney as the new face of marketing efforts. Since then, a “go woke, go broke” boycott has been enacted on the company which has been exceedingly successful. Just last week, Anheuser-Busch laid off over 360 employees due to financial stress.

Mr. Wonderful intends to use Bud Light’s epic marketing failure as a means to teach students the impact of social media and brand identity. When using social media “a widely held view amongst my CEOs is that if you get a bad social media story, it’s going to go away in 24 to 48 hours,” O’Leary said. “But that didn’t happen here. We’re still talking about this situation months later, and they continue to lose share.”

It has not yet been announced where O’Leary plans to teach this “anti-Bud Light course.” As a Canadian businessman, O’Leary attended three universities I have never heard of before. He is an alumni of Western University, University of Waterloo (sounds like a Dr. Seus college), and Ivey Business School. Perhaps he intends on teaching at one of his alma maters, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he taught at a prestigious university like Harvard or Wharton Business School. 

As for students lucky enough to enroll in one of his classes, good luck. From my years of watching Shark Tank I am confident that less than 10% of you will get As. Mr. Wonderful likes to see people suffer, it’s what makes him so wonderful and probably a main reason he decided to teach this course. It’s literally about a giant consumer superpower suffering. That’s his jam.

Anyway, sounds like a cool class. Hopefully Mark Cuban makes a guest appearance. Yet, to be totally honest with you, even if I took that course, I’d probably still sleep through it.

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Written by Alex Becker

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