Musk vs. Zuckerberg: Cage Match Of The Century

This is going to be the fight of the century (if it happens). 

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have virtually agreed to an MMA cage match, bantering with each other over their own social media platforms.

It all started Tuesday night, June 20 just before midnight. A Twitter post from some tech guy I’ve never heard of named Mario Nawfal caught Elon’s eye as it reported that Zuckerberg’s company Meta is coming out with a program called Thread, which would essentially compete directly with Musk’s Twitter. In response to the post, Elon jokingly wrote “I’m up for a cage match if he is lol.”

While I don’t think most people took Elon’s comment very seriously, Zuckerberg added fuel to the idea last night by responding on his Instagram story.

At this point, Elon definitely should’ve left the situation alone, yet in classic Musk fashion he felt the need to keep running his mouth.

“If this is real, I will do it” loosely translates to “Jesus, I really hope this guy doesn’t think this is for real, but if he does I’m too embarrassed to take it back so here we go I guess.” Here, we go indeed because Alex Heath from Verge (seems reliable) has since confirmed from a source at Meta that Zuckerberg was in fact serious.

Once he realized there was legitimate traction for this to happen, Musk began to use self-deprecating humor in order to solidify himself as the underdog. This is a strategy used by people who talk too much shit and get themselves in trouble so that when they ultimately get their ass handed to them, it doesn’t seem as humiliating. Well, Elon nailed that game plan right on its head because after what he posted on Twitter last night, I don’t think anyone believes he can win this fight.

Elon began his attack on himself by saying that he doesn’t ever exercise.

He then gave away what I truly believe would be his best fighting tactic as a mere joke, calling himself a “walrus.”

Ultimately, Elon replied to Heath from the Verge on Twitter and gave a location for where the fight should take place, basically fully agreeing to the fight.

Now, while I know the idea of two nerds fighting seems like it couldn’t possibly not be funny, I genuinely think it would last under a minute. For those of you who don’t know, Zuckerberg is legitimately into MMA fighting and jiu-jitsu, having won medals at competitions earlier this year. 

In fact, just five days ago and completely unrelated to the events that transpired over the last 48 hours, Zuckerberg posted a video to his Instagram account of him training with five-time world champion jiu-jitsu fighter Mikey Musumeci.

The only thing that Musk has going for him is size. Standing at 6 ‘2’’, Musk has almost a half-foot over Zuckerberg who is 5 ‘7’’. Musk will actually look like a walrus next to Zuckerberg as he also has about a 50lb advantage over him (although that could change significantly by fight time).

I think this dude summed it all up best using just three words and two photos.

So while I do expect Zuckerberg to knock Musk out within the first round, I don’t even know if it will actually happen. I really really want it to and believe it’s possible, but I just genuinely think Elon has too much pride to go get his face pummeled in front of the entire world. If it does somehow come to fruition, expect me to place my life savings on Zuckerberg ML (-5000).

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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