My First Experience Sports Betting

For most of my high school years, my buddies would always talk about their absurd six-leg parlays that had no chance of hitting. I never understood the obsession. I mean, why waste the hard-earned $47 you got from a couple of shifts at Dairy Queen on Kirk Cousins throwing over 2.5 touchdowns? However, in the rare occurrence that one of my friends actually hit on a bet, it seemed like one of the most euphoric feelings of all time. I started to crave that feeling but wouldn’t let myself cave in. That is, up until this weekend. 

I’ll be frank – my fantasy teams are complete dogshit this year. I hate to say it, but I’ve completely thrown in the towel. As my teams continue to lose week after week, I increasingly have lost interest in watching the NFL but hit my breaking point this past Sunday. How could I let my burning passion for Scott Hanson and NFL RedZone just die out? So, I decided to download Underdog Fantasy, which is a sports betting app dedicated solely to player props, and throw down a four-legger. 

I never knew I could care so deeply about a 1:00 pm matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redsk- I mean Commanders. With three of my four legs already hit, all I needed was Antonio Gibson to rack up over 24.5 receiving yards. Easy right? Not in the slightest. Whenever Taylor Heinicke dropped back to pass, I berated my TV for him to look Gibson’s way. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get written up by my RA for the obscenities that were being tossed around in my cubicle of a dorm room. 

Spoiler alert – Antonio Gibson didn’t reach the 25-yard mark (or even half for that matter). Although I only lost ten dollars, it felt like my life might as well have ended right then and there. I don’t think I’ll speak fondly of Antonio Gibson ever again, but I will give him credit for my developing gambling addiction. See you next Sunday (probably Thursday too).

Written by the godfather

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