My Pitch For Delta 8

I fucking hate false advertising and hyping up products that I don’t believe in, which is why I’ve made it very clear to the people upstairs at TFM that I’m not going to do that. That said, Flora Delta 8 gummies ARE a product that I use on almost a daily basis. That’s why I feel comfortable writing this and pitching it to some of you that might be similar to me.

I had some bad experiences with more significant drugs that impacted how I smoked weed for about two and a half years, to be perfectly candid. I went from smoking without anything beyond rational paranoia to having multiple panic attacks every time I smoked sober. I can’t say for sure how much of this had to do with other drugs or the panic disorder I developed at age eighteen, but what I do know is that it sucked. It sucked having to drink seven beers on a Tuesday just so I could reap the benefits of smoking weed with my friends. It sucked that even lubricated by alcohol, there was still a fifty-fifty shot of my mind spinning to the point where I genuinely believed I was experiencing a heart attack. It seems silly to those that don’t struggle, and I completely get that, but if you’re like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Around three months ago, one of our sponsors, Flora, sent me a packet of forty gummies. Because CBD was also in the box of goods that came to my house, I assumed that it would be some pussy shit that suburban Moms would use to alleviate back pain. I took three without reading the directions. I’m not promoting anybody taking three on their first go-around, especially if you are only a recreational smoker like myself, but I can’t lie; it was fucking awesome. It was the first time in YEARS I had achieved being high while completely sober and didn’t overthink my surroundings. I liked the gummies so much that I paid for another bottle on my own, not even realizing we had renewed our deal with them.

These aren’t going to get you off your ass. These gummies are perfect for watching Sunday night baseball, finishing up some insignificant assignments, and getting a good night of sleep. If you’re someone who takes dabs regularly and can still function, then yeah; this product probably isn’t for you. But if you want a little something to take the edge off and eradicate stress, it’s the move. Whenever I feel like getting really high, I pop one of these then hit my bong. But usually, I’m fine consuming two and convincing myself that I can find patterns in the stock market that nobody else is seeing. 10/10 rec.

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