My Top Five Sporting Events

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and is not up for debate. I will not be entertaining other people’s thoughts as this is my blog, not yours.

5. World Cup (when US is in it)

Look, soccer might not always be the most fun electric sport to watch, but the World Cup is so much more than just the sport. It’s about patriotism and dominating other countries. The culture behind this competition and soccer as a whole is awesome, and the hype around this year’s World Cup already has me in a vice grip. Also 45 minutes of uninterrupted viewing with no commercials is amazing.

4. Stanley Cup Final

Hockey and playoff hockey are two different sports, and the latter is one of the greatest sports to watch. The physicality, speed, and sharpness of the players, coupled with the referees seemingly losing their whistles makes for edge-of-your-seat viewing. More people need to get into hockey.

3. The World Series

America’s pastime for a reason, baseball is the ultimate background sport. That changes come October when it becomes must watch television. I can see this being a contentious choice, but I love baseball despite its flaws. Is it boring? Yea sometimes absolutely. Is the MLB commish a jackass? Without a doubt! But hearing the crack of a nuke and watching a ball soar hundreds of feet into the night sky to give your team the lead late in the game is a top three sports viewing experience.

2. Super Wild Card Weekend

Last year’s first weekend of playoff football was one of the best times I have had watching sports without a dog in the fight in a long time. Football is still king in the US, and man did we have some good games. I love playoff football, but my one critique is that sport has far too many flags and stoppages of play. That gets reduced slightly in the playoffs, but not enough for my liking. That being said I can’t get enough of it.

1. March Madness Round of 64

There is nothing quite like those first couple of games when your bracket is still intact and you’ve somehow convinced yourself that this year there is no way you don’t have a perfect bracket. If you’re in school you have your computer or iPad open pretending to take notes but instead there’s four games you’re switching back and forth between. You’re heading to BWW to catch some games and down some wings with the fellas. Sports life doesn’t get much better than this.

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