Name A More Iconic Duo

Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama have a podcast.

That sentence sounds like a premise for an SNL sketch but this is actually a thing. This podcast combination is more surprising than Dave Portnoy’s podcast with a 19-year-old. I’m shocked because I feel like I just heard about Bruce recently… oh yea he was a drunk fuck a while ago. 

For those that don’t remember, Bruce Springsteen had a super bowl commercial pulled off the air because of a drunk driving arrest he got a few months ago. The funny part is, that the commercial was all about “meeting in the middle” during these times. So people saw Bruce in a Jeep commercial all about being responsible and aware, then immediately saw bruce drunk, irresponsible, and not aware in a car (possibly jeep). I’m only explaining this because Bruce really wanted to seem like a role model, but got tattled on by some shitty guy at TMZ. 

So this podcast seems like a power play by Bruce basically saying “yea I got drunk and fucked up a super bowl commercial… but I got Obama bitches!” 

The content in the podcast is actually pretty entertaining. The combination of Obama’s silky smooth voice with Bruce’s raspy pipes makes me question the boner I got while listening. Most of the time it’s Obama saying something knowledgeable and Bruce just agreeing with him while comparing it to music as much as possible. I really like that I am living in a world where I get to hear a perfect mashup of a previous president and a previous good musician… oh damn.

The best part of the podcast is telling people that Obama and Bruce Springsteen have a fucking podcast. 7/10 would listen to on the toilet again.

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