NBA Fan Base Stereotypes: Part One

Whether you’re a diehard NBA fan with multiple League Pass accounts or just pay attention once the playoffs roll around, everyone has at least one team that they hold near and dear to their hearts. But, choose wisely, because more likely than not you’ll end up falling victim to the fan base stereotypes that every team inevitably has. So, with that being said, here’s what your favorite team says about you:

Boston Celtics

Despite the fact that they have an MVP candidate in Jayson Tatum on their team, Celtics fans still believe that Sam Hauser should probably get more playing time because he just “plays the game the right way”. While Celtics fans aren’t nearly on the same level as Jazz fans, I wouldn’t be surprised if a series of hate crimes erupted if they lose another Finals this year.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks’ current fan base is an odd combination of 32-year-old Dirk stans, middle-schoolers who just got a Luka Dončić jersey for Christmas, and anyone from Slovenia who watches the NBA. Also, their favorite TV show is Shark Tank.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Like every other professional sports fan base in Cleveland, Cavs fans are just straight-up hardos. It’s probably more likely that a Cavs fan could tell you where they were when LeBron completed the 3-1 comeback than where they were on 9/11. (Side note: Many Cavaliers fans will also watch the Lakers religiously now).

Houston Rockets

Bless your soul. After coming so close to making the finals during the CP3-Harden era, Rockets fans are now praying for the second coming of basketball Jesus (Viktor Wembanyama) to come and save their franchise next year. It’s a real possibility that Eric Gordon might be your favorite player, which might be the most depressing thing I could think of.

Brooklyn Nets

I can almost guarantee you that any current Nets fan was not a Nets fan five years ago. But, you can’t really consider these people “bandwagons” because the so-far-failed superteam experiment hasn’t done anything. Until they win the championship this year and all of the “I was a fan during the Nash era” claims start rolling in.

Written by the godfather

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