NBA Fan Base Stereotypes: Part Two

Whether you’re a diehard NBA fan with multiple League Pass accounts or just pay attention once the playoffs roll around, everyone has at least one team that they hold near and dear to their hearts. But, choose wisely, because more likely than not you’ll end up falling victim to the fan base stereotypes that every team inevitably has. So, with that being said, here’s what your favorite team says about you (part two):

Denver Nuggets:

Denver Nuggets fans settle for mediocrity, even when they shouldn’t. With stars like Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, and Nikola Jokić going through the organization, the Nuggets should have something to show for it, right? Nope. But, you never really hear about whiny Nuggets fans, which makes me believe that they must comprise the entire population of people who maintain their composure during an excruciatingly long line at Starbucks or the DMV. 

Philadelphia 76ers:

76ers fans will still be living in their parents’ basement at 27 years old – but don’t worry – they are just working through the process. The only thing that Philly fans get more passionate about than their “online drop shipping enterprise” is their deep-rooted hatred for Ben Simmons. Which is understandable since he too will soon be living in his parents’ basement. 

Sacramento Kings:

I honestly don’t know where to begin for the Sacramento Kings fans. My entire life has been filled with nothing but the Kings’ irrelevancy – ironically fitting since I’ve never met a Kings fan, let alone anyone from Sacramento. However, things seem to be turning around for Sacramento this season, if there are any Kings fans even left at this point. 

Indiana Pacers:

Indiana Pacers fans are fueled not by a love for their team, but by the everlasting pain that LeBron James and Michael Jordan have inflicted on them throughout the last three decades. But, literally anything is better than rooting for the Colts, who have about as much promise as Myles Turner’s future career in Indiana. 

Minnesota Timberwolves:

Timberwolves fans love to celebrate the little things in life. And by little, I mean really little. The top three moments in recent Minnesota basketball history are probably winning the play-in tournament, the Rudy Gobert trade (dogshit), and winning the play-in tournament. At least they don’t have to falsely praise Patrick Beverly anymore.

Written by the godfather

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