NBA Players Think They Have It Bad Imagine How These Players In Europe Feel

The players in the NBA complaining about fans has been content gold for me. I’ve written about which players I could fight on the 76ers and Wizards teams, that fans have been crazy for years, and tonight’s blog is how I found insane videos of fans in Europe.

Here I was scrolling on Twitter, and this video came across my timeline.

When Rick Pitino took a coaching job in Greece, I heard stories of fans being fucking insane, but I didn’t realize it was this crazy. There’s a full-on 4th of July firework display happening in the stands, and players are just playing through it. Then when a sea of fans stormed the court, they finally stopped. This game was between 2 rivals in Greece, and the home team was losing. Well, how do you stop your home team from losing? You turn the stadium into every suburban block on the 4th of July and storm the court.

This video is from the Turkish league, and I have no idea what the fans or commenters are saying, but I can imagine they are motherfucking the refs. Imagine being a ref probably making shit money, and you call a foul that upsets the home fans. Shit erupts from the stands; this is bringing Fuck You Refs chants to a whole new level.

This is from a woman’s basketball game. The stereotypical response to the WNBA is people actually care about this. Well, in Europe, they really fucking care, as you can see from this video.

This stadium must be fucking rocking. Those are gigantic flags flying, and of course, somebody had to break out the fireworks. I don’t know what it is, but these fireworks appear in almost every video I watch. There’s something about fans setting shit on fire. After a team wins a title, there isn’t a random car safe from being flipped and set on fire.

I think this is just the start of NBA players crying over the fans. The players rule the league, and if they aren’t happy about the fans, they will stop them. I’m surprised that some crusty-ass dude hasn’t had the take that sports were better with fans. That is so untrue; just watch a hockey game in Canada, and then in America. The players better not come for the fan’s alcohol. Where else will I spend $15 on a shitty beer?

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