NBA Playoffs First-Round Preview

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The NBA play-in tournament starts today and I gotta say I think the matchups are pretty easy to pick. The whole play-in is stupid but here are my predictions on who will win and who they are matched up to play in the first round. 


Pelicans vs. Nuggets: I think the Pelicans beat the Timberwolves but it doesn’t even matter because they’re gonna have to play the Nuggets. Pelicans without Zion, who turned into a pumpkin before the All-Star break and hasn’t played since. Nuggets in 5. 

Lakers vs. Grizzlies: The Lakers are matched up with the Timberwolves in the play-in and it’s not going to be close. Timberwolves are in disarray and the Lakers have Lebron and AD. I think the Lakers match up nicely with the Grizzlies in the first round, especially with Steven Adams being unable to play the whole series. King Von Morant might go crazy in a couple of games, but I think the Lakers take this series in 6. 

Kings vs. Warriors: Kings have had a great season.  But let’s be real here, Steph Curry plays for the Warriors and they’re getting Andrew Wiggins back. I love the Kings and I am rooting for them, but the Warriors are the team that everyone expects to “turn it on” at any time. Warriors in 6.

Suns vs. Clippers: This is the best series in the whole NBA playoffs. Clippers are stacked and the Suns have KD and DBook. You only wish Paul George was playing so we could get the full aura of this great series. Besides that bum CP3, I think the Suns have the best chance at coming out of the West. Suns in 6. 


Heat vs. Bucks: I love Jimmy Butler but the Heat suck. Giannis is Giannis and nobody is saving the Heat from the Greek Freak. Bucks in 4. 

Hawks vs. Celtics: Trae Young’s hairline is in shambles and so will the Hawks when they play the Celtics. The Celtics were in the Finals last year for good reason, Celtics in 5.

Sixers vs. Nets: This is gonna be an interesting series. Playoff James Harden is one of the worst talents I have ever seen. They’re gonna need to rely on Embiid heavily in this series. The only thing that can save the Nets is if Ben Simmons suits up for the Sixers again. Sixers in 6. 

Cavaliers vs. Knicks: I won’t forget about the playoff Julius Randle, he might be worse than James Harden when it comes down to the important games. Cavaliers are a solid team and Donovan Mitchell was a great addition to that team. Cavaliers in 5. 

Written by TFM Stelly

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