NBA Stadium Security Sucks

During last year’s NBA Finals, some dude who looks more like Klay Thompson than the actual Klay Thompson snuck into the Chase Center in San Francisco pretending to be Klay himself. “Fake Klay” got through every security checkpoint and onto the court without anyone even batting an eye, that is, until he started getting shots up which revealed his pedestrian identity. The video of him sneaking through the arena blew up on social media and he was unfortunately banned from the Chase Center for life. You would think that after such a blatant exposé of the downright shitty security at Chase Center, every team in the NBA would implement some more extensive procedures to prevent something like this from happening to them as well. You would think wrong.

While this guy went to much greater lengths to sneak into Crypto Arena, such as renting a particular car and even changing his eye color, he doesn’t even look that much like Austin Reaves. At least “Fake Klay” had a solid resemblance to the person he was trying to impersonate, but the only thing that this guy has in common with Reaves is that he’s tall and white. But, I guess that’s all you really need. Once again, this guy went straight onto the Lakers’ court with minimal hassle. I’m 5’8” on a good day, but I’m fairly confident that I could sneak into the United Center next season pretending to be Alex Caruso. All I have to do is shave my head and the security should let me go with no problem at all.

I would imagine that “Fake Austin Reaves” will be banned from Crypto Arena, but I don’t really get why. I guess in some sense he’s committing identity theft, but this really is all to blame on the security. There’s no way this happens a third time, right?

Written by the godfather

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