NCAA Championship Preview


Honestly I expected a little more out of Nova. Right off the bat they went down by ten and struggled to mount any kind of comeback. They never even got it within like 6. It really got out of hand the last couple minutes, and just overall was not a very entertaining game.

Whenever the Cats went on a mini run Kansas remembered how much bigger they were, took advantage of their size, and kinda bitched Nova around in the paint. That being said props to Kansas they’re an unreal team and whoever they match up with in the Championship (honestly surprised it will not be Duke) they’ll be able to give a good fight. The better team definitely won this game.



This hype around this game was unreal and damn it lived up to it. Great defense with electric offense. Maybe not as much scoring in the first half as some people wanted, but I love watching high energy defense and damn the second half delivered. This is also one of those rare times our divided ass country came together. It doesn’t matter if you voted for Trump or Biden, if you think pineapple should belong on pizza or not, 99% of people wanted to send coach K to the retirement home tonight. It really warms my heart seeing people come together and hope someone fails on the biggest stage. I also like seeing bandwagon Duke fans upset. Brings me joy.

I think Big Cat perfectly captured how most of the nation feels here.

Manek is awesome and gives me Bill Walton vibes. Super likeable in my opinion. The North Carolina squad showed a lot of heart and that moment when Bacot turned around in the tunnel and decided to play through some injury or discomfort was electric.

No matter who won this game the championship game would be electric, but I think UNC has a little bit more of a chip on their shoulder. Super excited for Monday to responsibly gamble and watch the conclusion of another fantastic March Madness.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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