Need A Ring Why Don’t You Just Steal It From Your Girlfriend

Florida man strikes again. From a man who has only God can trust me tattooed on his arm he must hope that God is in a good mood.

 Volusia County deputies are looking for a man who gave both women he was dating a fake name, stole from them and took rings from one of his girlfriends to propose to his other girlfriend.

The love triangle began to unravel earlier this year when an Orange City woman realized her boyfriend was engaged to another woman who lives in Orlando.

The balls on this man how do you think it’s okay to propose to your 2nd girlfriend when you’re already engaged? This man seems like he wants to be a mormon and have multiple wives, which would be a headache and a half. The only problem is that these 2 woman had no idea what was happening.

The Orange City girlfriend looked through the fiancée’s Facebook page and saw she was wearing her wedding band and engagement ring from a prior marriage, records show. The Orange City woman checked her jewelry box and discovered her old wedding rings were missing along with several other pieces of jewelry and a diamond ring that belonged to her grandmother, according to the report.

If you are trying to hide shit, and be a sneaky motherfucker don’t post anything on Facebook. This is like being tagged while you’re smoking out of a bong, and trying to tell your parents that you haven’t fallen into the peer pressure while being in college.

The Orlando fiancée also said that Davis had fooled her. One day, he took her to the Orange City girlfriend’s home while that woman was at work and claimed the house was his and he wanted the Orlando fiancée to move in with him, according to the report. The fiancée packed up her apartment and disassembled her furniture but before she could move, Davis told her the deal on the house had fallen through.

This is my favorite part of the story. This makes me think that this woman isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Did she not see that the house was filled with other woman’s stuff? Wouldn’t this raise red flags that maybe he was a cheating son of a bitch. Also how did he break the news that she wasn’t allowed to move in with him? If it’s his house the decision was 100% on him, and he just doesn’t want her to move in.

The women both met Davis on the app OkCupid. I know I’m out of the dating game, but with a name like OkCupid that just sounds like you’re going to get scammed out of shit. All I know is that dating apps are for fucking, actual relationships don’t come from apps like OkCupid.

The man is currently on the run as his whereabouts are unknown. Florida man will strike again, and Catfish other woman, and end up stealing from them.

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