New “Curb” Season Coming Your Way

A trailer for the new “Curb Your Enthusiasm” season just dropped and I am excited.

For those that have never seen Curb, it is basically a show about a man who makes you feel so much better about yourself because you would never say the things he does. From confronting crying women in a store to make them move, to stealing flowers from a grave to give to his wife, Larry David presents the character of Larry David in the worst way possible. 

There doesn’t seem to be any mention of COVID in the trailer, so I am curious as to if it even exists in the show. Most of the show seems to be somewhat based in whatever year it is airing with jokes like Jeff being compared to Harvey Weinstein last season. Last year’s season came out in March of 2020 which was right at the beginning of shit hitting the fan for COVID. Obviously, it wasn’t addressed then due to the writing and filming process of that season probably being around a time where mentioning a worldwide pandemic would get you laughed at. The best part about this trailer is that everybody clearly looks older besides Larry. Larry David has looked 70 years old for like 30 years. The man does not age.

Either way, I am excited to see all the cringy situations Larry gets into this season and how many times Susie kicks him out of a party. The new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm drops on October 24th.

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