New Music Monday

I hope last week’s new music Monday treated you well in all your endeavors. This week’s installment features a gift to the American people from Morgan Wallen and two EDM bangers to keep you going all week.

Morgan Wallen’s New Releases

Last week Morgan Wallen released the 3 Song at a Time Sampler. This mini album hits as hard as the Chillis Triple-Dipper sampler. Everything I Love has the kick that the boneless wings bring to the party. Last Night is the real substance of the meal making it the sliders for sure. At already over 12 million listens, this is definitely the fan favorite. Similar to the egg rolls, I Wrote the Book might not be the reason you came to the party, but you’re gonna be surprised at what it does for you. 

B.O.T.A ( Baddest of Them All) – Edit Eliza Rose

This groovy EDM song will get everyone wiggling on and off the dance floor. It gives guys the courage to go talk to women, and it makes women actually want to go home with them. It truly makes pheromones pour out of the speaker.

Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon (The Lost Boys Remix)

If you’re into EDM and have never heard of The Lost Boys, you should definitely check them out on SoundCloud or Spotify. As for the song, I think we all know where I’m going with this one. Absolute banger that will bring the kind of sexual tension you’re looking for to any pregame. If that’s something you’re lacking, throw this on and watch it go to work.

Written by Brady White

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