New Music Monday

The Black Seminole – Lil Yachty

This past week Lil Yachty released his new album, Let’s Start Here. I’m not the biggest rap guy but ‘The Black Seminole’ is a song that will take you into the ether. In the beginning, it’s hard to believe you are listening to a Yachty song. It kind of feels like there’s a Pac-Man game going on in your head. If you’re the kind of person who indulges in the people’s plant, throw this song on and let it blast you off. 

If We Ever Broke Up – Mae Stephens

In my opinion, this song pays homage to our queen, Dua Lipa. You can’t expect Dua to drop constant bangers all year long, so we need to rely on Walmart versions to keep us going. Mae Stephens really does her job though and had me thinking she was Dua multiple times throughout this song. All in all, this is a great listen and no one is gonna be complaining if you through it on.

Love You Anyway – Luke Combs

This song goes out to all those Philly fans who had to watch their team hang on all game just to have a shit call put the nail in the coffin. The feeling of having to wait through a whole off-season for your team to get another shot at the Superbowl blows. ‘Love You Anyway’ by Luke Combs will keep you in your soggy sorrows all week. 

Let’s Ride – Drift Phonk

This is a remix of the new Fast and Furious trailer and my god is it an absolute rage cage. I have never heard of Drift Phonk before this, but it sounds like Eminem is freestyling over the Tokyo Drift theme song. This is the ultimate locker room song, and it will have all the lads beyond fired up. Use this song carefully, because when you’re on the aux, great power comes with great responsibility.

Written by Brady White

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