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NOVI SAD, SERBIA - JULY 12: DJ Jonas Blue performs at Main Stage during the Day Four of the Exit music festival at the Petrovaradin Fortress on July 12, 2021 in Novi Sad, Serbia. (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images)

Weekends- Jonas Blue, Felix Jaehn

Since releasing the all-time remix Fast Caredit, Jonas Blue has kind of fallen off the face of planet earth. His new release, Weekends, is exactly what we needed. If you put this on, I guarantee you will consider hitting the bars tonight by the time the song is over. It’s an ultimate pregame song and a surefire way to get those homebodies out of the house and to the clubs.

All I Need is You- Chris Janson

This song will make you want to throw on your jorts, grab a PBR, and start grilling in the backyard. Just like his hit Buy Me a Boat, Chris Janson made this song about real man shit. There’s even a line in there about watching your kid win a tee-ball game. I’m pretty sure that’s the most American thing I’ve ever heard. All in all, it’s a solid listen and it will definitely be a great addition to your country playlist.

Not Alone- Don Diablo, Aztec

This Don Diablo banger finds the perfect medium between deep house and that modern pop sound that kids nowadays love. It almost sounds like Oliver Tree is singing. You could play this song in pretty much any situation; it is beyond versatile. It will get you going from pregame to postgame and anywhere in between.

Take Time- Cab’Ral

While this is not technically new music considering it was released 4 years ago, I heard this song for the first time this week. So, it’s new music Monday material for me. This song is great for just hanging around the house with your boys. It will be a valuable asset to your chill playlist that will have everyone asking who wrote this.

Written by Brady White

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