New Music Monday

A young woman throwing her hands in the air, feeling the music and dancing energetically at a trendy open air nightclub

Whether you’re trying to lay pipe, get the lads fired up for a pre, or set the frat house record for Bud Light’s consumed in 24 hours, music is necessary. That’s why I felt the need to start New Music Monday, where you can find music that will give you the upper hand all week long.

This week we’re starting off with a song that will really get you in your soggy sorrows, but sometimes that’s what we need. Dawns by Zach Bryan was released less than a week ago and my god is this song sad. If you trying to feel like your girlfriend broke up with you and kidnapped your dog this song will have you there and back in 3 minutes. Also, women love Zach Bryan and that is an absolute fact.

This next song, if used correctly, can be a lethal part of your arsenal. Flowers by Miley Cyrus has the ladies going bananas, and honestly, I can’t disagree with them. It’s truly one of Miley’s best bangers in a while. If you’re feeling frisky, give the remix by Lucho Dee Jay a listen as well. This is a certified bop that will get the lads beyond fired up.

As fraternal men, I feel like we either enjoy EDM or Lil Wayne (but probably both). If you don’t like either don’t listen to this to this next song, and you should probably consider a business frat. The SidePiece remix of A Milli is the perfect blend of head-banging EDM and good old-fashioned 2008 Weezy.

The next track is brought to us by the sexy beast who gave us Baianà. In the song Baby, Bakermat gives us serotonin overload. This banger is beyond versatile; you can bump it on a Saturday night in the club or a Sunday morning by the pool. If you can’t foster the necessary environment for this song at least once this week you should reconsider your approach to college. I mean come on guys, we didn’t come here to play school.

Written by Brady White

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