New Travis Scott Album “Utopia” Release Date Announced

Hip-hop fans can now rest after Houston star Travis Scott has finally announced the release date for his long-awaited album “Utopia”. His last album, “Astroworld”, dropped in August of 2018, experiencing tremendous success with popular songs like “Sicko Mode” and “Butterfly Effect”. However, five years without a new Travis album has left many fans (including myself) desperate for new music. With a release date of July 28th, at least we now have a light at the end of the tunnel – or so we think. 

After announcing information about Utopia’s release party at the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Travis Scott’s team is still insisting that the release date is “unannounced” despite July 28th being on just about every piece of promotional material they’ve posted.

I’d imagine that the album would drop at the same time as this huge Egyptian launch party, but what do I know? Regardless of whether it drops on the 28th or not, I do know for a fact that this album is about to go platinum in every fraternity house across the country. I’d venture to say Travis Scott albums are more culturally significant than the entire Black Lives Matter movement, so you better believe “Utopia” will be atop the Billboard Top 100 for months on end. 

In addition to his Egyptian release party, Travis Scott also announced that “Utopia” will feature five different album covers upon release:

No album covers have been released yet, but I’m for sure emptying the bank account to get a vinyl of all five (I don’t have a vinyl record player nor plan to buy one). Nothing turns a chick on more than hip-hop album covers, especially once you graduate college. Seems like a pretty sound investment to me.

The hype surrounding “Utopia” is pretty similar to that of Victor Wembanyama. People are expecting this album to be downright revolutionary, so I hope Travis Scott can deliver. Otherwise, he’ll get continuously clowned by Brittany Spears fans till the end of time.

Written by the godfather

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