New Video Game Has Man on Bear Sex Scene

Don’t worry. Everyone else celebrating the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 at the Panel From Hell had the same reaction. A sample of the game was being presented to fans of the series at the panel. One scene displayed two human looking creatures (I can’t tell, apparently this is D&D related so I’m kinda lost) getting intimate. At one point, one of them accidentally transforms into a bear, before the other one requests they stay that way. It then cuts to a shot of a squirrel simultaneously dropping his jaw and acorn. After a second, the stream cuts to a blank, “Not Safe for Stream” message (5:36:30 is the start of the timestamp you’re looking for).

This is the most brilliant marketing of all time. I make a fundamental anti D&D exception for Stranger Things. But this has piqued my curiosity more than Natalia Dyer eighties get ups ever have. The simple fact about their game, is that you can watch a bear share intimacy with a human being. Before today, I would’ve never wanted that. But as I watched the lead up in this video, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t fully ready to see it happen by the time the screen cut.

The game has gone from sixteenth on the chart of best-selling games, to fifth after this video. It supposedly had a fair share of hype around its release before this video hit the internet, but this took it to the next level. Humans getting erotic with bears is a guarantee to at least get people’s attention. I don’t know how video games are usually marketed, but clearly it has some positive affect. 

This scene is just another point for bears in 2023. They got off to a hot start with cocaine bear, the Bears made the first pick in the draft, and now they get this. Good for bears, they got an undeserved bad reputation after The Revenant.

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