NFC Division Winners

I’m not gonna pretend that after week one these predictions haven’t changed, because of course they have. I’m not making predictions based on integrity, I’m trying to be right. So when I say that the Eagles are gonna win the NFC East, it wasn’t always that way. But then Dak Prescott blew up his thumb so now I’m not exactly confident in the Cooper Rush-led Cowboys. Anyway, now that we’ve covered that, here are the predictions.

  1. NFC East – Philadelphia Eagles

So yea, as I said before, my initial division winner was the Cowboys. However, after last night’s performance, I can’t exactly say I have faith in this team. That and the Cowboys also lost their starting Quarterback which isn’t the best look. Now between the remaining three teams, this isn’t really a hard choice. Even after the first weekend’s games. Once the Eagles figure out how the hell to play defense this team is going to be elite. Jalen Hurts looked like he was proving haters wrong, and AJ Brown is absolutely that guy. As for the Commanders and the Giants I simply have two names for you. Carson Wentz and Danny Dimes. While those are your respective quarterbacks I’m sorry, it’s not gonna be your year.

  1. NFC North- Minnesota Vikings

This feels sacrilegious to say as a football fan who has grown up seeing Aaron Rodgers and company absolutely pummel this division year after year. But Justin Jefferson is that dude. I mean they just embarrassed Green Bay this weekend. And by they I mean Justin Jefferson. How is the number one target on a team by a landslide always so wide open? Aaron Rodgers looked defeated before the coin was even flipped, I can’t believe he let Adams walk. Oh and I guess there are other teams in this division? Oh, yea the Bears and the Lions. Ha.

  1. NFC South – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I miss Tom. He should really come back to New England. I mean I would give the Saints the edge in this division because of how much fun they were to watch this weekend, but the Tampa Bay offense is just too good. Tom Brady is immortal and inevitable, just as he is every season. Baker Mayfield just lost to Jacoby Brissett so that’s my case for why the Panthers aren’t winning anything anytime soon. And the Falcons? I don’t know, I guess Kyle Pitts is pretty elite?

  1. NFC West – Los Angeles Rams

Oh, yea, this is a hot take, especially after this weekend, but I’m here for it. But let’s look through it logically. Our first stop is going to be Seattle, and no this is not Russell Wilson and the Legion of Boom Seattle. This is Geno Smith-led Seattle. So let’s keep the NFC West train rolling. The next stop is San Fran. This team has it all, an elite TE (that plays in like half the games). One of the better offensive weapons in the league is Deebo Samuel. And a solid defense to stack up on the other side of the ball. However, after Trey Lance seemed to just not be able to read the field in any way against a team like the Chicago Bears, I think that rules them out. And finally is the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have a Quarterback that needs to be enticed to study for four hours a week. So, that’s not a great start. Also, they got absolutely clapped by Kansas City this weekend. So, also not a great start. I think that the loss to the Bills is the kick in the butt this Rams team needed at the beginning of the season to get over their Super Bowl honeymoon and get their butts in gear.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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