NFL Fans Can’t Stop Fighting Eachother In The Stands

The NFL season is back in FULL SWING and we are happy to report that fans are back to fighting in the stands. Before we break down any of these fights, I want to point out some things.

  1. Fight Video Quality Has Improved Drastically Since I Was In Middle School
  2. Most Of These Fights Are Friendly Fire (Same Team)
  3. Human Body Craves Contact

This first fight took place in the stands of the Giants at the 49ers game on Thursday night. I have to say this was actually pretty fun because that girl’s weave got snatched and in the background, everyone is paying attention to the fight and not the game. To be fair, those girls put up a better fight than Daniel Jones and the Giants.

Again, we have another Texan on Texan fight. I would love to hear the discourse BEFORE these guys started teeing off because it had to have gone something like this, “No, we’re only winning 2 games this!”

This fight is all on the stadium security. The guy in the Ray Lewis Ravens jersey was taking punches from the reincarnation of Conor Mcgregor and the security guard had ZERO intuition to call for backup or Herb Dean. The poor guy was halfway up the stairs and realized he didn’t get knocked out yet so he turned around to let the guy finish the job. He probably should’ve called it quits when he was walking up the stairs like he had a long night in Las Vegas. Along with him getting CTE, the girls got into it as well at the end.

There is nothing worse than fighting a guy with nothing to lose. For god’s sake, the man was already in cuffs and decided to land a beautiful headbutt. I legitimately would never be able to talk to call myself a man again if this is how I got knocked out.

This is typical Philly trash. I have no comment other than that.

Written by TFM Stelly

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