NFL Fans Stabbed in In & Out Brawl

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NFL players better be ready for the start of football, because their fans are in mid-season form. This time, it was a group of 49ers fans against a group of Raiders fans brawling inside an In and Out burger. A group of ten men started throwing hands at each other and the fight spilled throughout the entire store, until two men were stabbed.

A crazy detail of this fight is that it followed a game the 49ers played against the Chargers. It’s unknown what started this fight, but clearly football allegiance played a role. The battle was pretty even for a while. That is, until a Raiders fan pulled out a small pocket knife to end the skirmish. It’s a shame these two teams don’t play each other this season because their fanbases appear to be a very even match for each other. 

I’ve seen The Shawshank Redemption enough to know that prison has its very own set of rules and language. With that being said, I think it’s time the rest of the world adopts the word, “shiv.” Two men were stabbed with a tiny blade in the middle of a giant brawl. If that’s not a perfect demonstration of the versatility of “shiv,” I don’t know what is. 

This is the second group brawl that has involved 49ers fans this preseason. San Francisco’s embarrassing loss to the Eagles last year has clearly given their fanbase somewhat of a chip on their shoulder. It’s sad, as they should be blaming Kyle Shanahan’s overrated scheme, and not opposing fanbases. 

Stelly if you are reading this, please come to Philly when the 49ers come here. When the two sides turn to all-out war, we can hide in the corner of the Linc, like so:   

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