Nicolas Cage Is Back And Even More Insane

Nicolas Cage has made another movie. And, if you were wondering, it’s not about killer bees, killer parents, or killer robots (all of which exist and are fucking insane). No, this time it’s about the killer actor himself, Nicolas Cage: 

That’s right. Nicolas Cage has made a movie about Nicolas Cage, making the classic CollegeHumor sketch THAT much more realistic and hilarious:

Even the movie title, “The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent” screams Nicolas Cage. As far as I can gather, this movie is about Nicolas Cage realizing he needs more money, probably because he stole too many dinosaur fossils again (I’m not kidding. He did that. Look it up) and takes a crazy movie role that turns into its own crazy adventure. 

I think we all can agree that regardless of your taste in movies or actors, Nicolas Cage is a name that everybody unanimously agrees is fucking insane. Honestly, I think saying that gives both the haters and the stans equal appreciation of their opinions. I for one love him because he always seems WAY too into every role that he plays and it’s always awesome. 

For example, “Willy’s Wonderland” was a movie released this year, where Nicolas plays a mute janitor that kills child-murdering animatronics in a Chuck E. Cheese type restaurant… its basically “Five Nights at Freddy’s” but Nicolas Cage funded the entire project and even changed the script to make it more of his own. Why was Nicolas Cage so involved in making a movie based on a one-hit-wonder indie video game from 2014 where you try to survive getting eaten by evil come to life robot furries?…

Because he’s Nicolas fucking Cage.

That being said, I CANNOT wait to watch his new movie. It looks like everything we love and hate about Nicolas Cage AND his movies all in one. I look forward to streaming it on one of the 50 streaming apps I have accumulated over the years.

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