Nicotine is good for you?

Zyn smokeless nicotine pouches at the Swedish Match AB concept store in central Stockholm, Sweden, on Monday, Oct. 31, 2022. Philip Morris International Inc. is proceeding with the $16 billion takeover of nicotine pouch maker Swedish Match after securing support from enough of its top shareholders, including Elliott Investment Management LP. Photographer: Jonas Ekblom/Bloomberg via Getty Images

I read or watched something recently that talked about the health effects of nicotine. But they weren’t just talking about how bad the substance is, or how addictive it can really be. In fact, they were actually talking about quite the opposite. Let’s be real, cigarettes are horrible for you. As fun as they are and as cool as you look smoking them, they’re filled with chemicals proven to cause cancer. And honestly vaping cannot be much better, if not worse. But what if I told you that the actual nicotine itself can be good for you? It’s just a fact that inhaling anything that is not oxygen into your lungs is going to be bad for you. So even if you somehow had pure nicotine and a way to inhale it without using any other substances (Bravo if you figure that one out), it would still mess with your lungs. However, take a look at something like Zyns, or Ons, or nicotine gums and patches. It’s a totally different story. 

Here are some surprising health benefits of nicotine

  1. Nicotine can enhance your attention

Nicotine is a stimulant type drug. When you use nicotine, your heart rate increases, and so does the speed at which you process information. It eases tension, while also sharpening the mind. Kind of like the drug in Limitless (not really). Studies have shown over and over that nicotine takes the edge off. If you use it, you know this is true. When you are anxious, it will calm you down, and when you are out of it, it will keep you alert. Sounds kind of…enticing.

  1. Nicotine might be able to help people with depression

Since nicotine increases dopamine in the brain, it begs the question as to whether it would be beneficial with those who suffer from depression, or even someone who is just sad. I definitely get a little happier when somebody offers me a cigarette at a party. But seriously, some people have compared nicotine to having antidepressant type properties.

  1. Nicotine can promote weight loss

It is a known fact that nicotine can help with your appetite and food cravings. When you use nicotine, your hunger and appetite is reduced. Over time, this could lead to positive weight loss, and could be a good way to control your filthy eating habits. Probably not a great idea to start replacing your meals with cigarettes though…

  1. Nicotine can help fight Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

It’s scientifically proven that smokers are at way less of a risk for Parkinson’s disease, despite them being at a much higher risk for basically everything else. This is due to the nicotine. As for Alzheimer’s, nicotine could be helpful in reducing symptoms. It’s believed to improve mental functions including attention, vigilance and recognition in people with the disease. 

So, should a person who’s depressed, can’t pay attention, wants to lose weight, or has Alzheimer’s start smoking cigarettes every day? Definitely not. But nicotine itself actually does have some interesting health benefits, somehow…

Written by Jett

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