Number One Memorial Day Weekend Shirt

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, which means that summer is about to kick off. In a stretch of time filled with irresponsible drinking habits, a decent bit of skin cancer, and sunglasses that allow you to check out every bikini-clad woman on the beach without them knowing, you may be looking for a little something to set the vibes. We’ve got just the thing:

The Boston Twea Party Shirt is so back.

The Boston Twea Party shirt is back for the summer, baby. With beige and yellow as color options, you can demonstrate both your love for alcohol consumption and your love for the United States of America in one awesome shirt – because what goes better than alcohol and one of the most badass ass pieces of American history? Nothing.

Place an order, put it on, and if you don’t get laid within three wears, you get your money back. Just kidding. You won’t get your money back. I don’t have nearly enough authority to make that call, but if I did, I would because I really freaking love this shirt. So place your order today to make sure you’re ready to leave women’s panties soaked when they get a load of you in this alcohol inspired, patriotic piece of art.

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