Odell Beckham Jr Is Jealous Of This British Man Who Was Covered In Shit After An Airplane Leaked

A man was enjoying the sun in his backyard in Windsor, southeast England when a passing plane dropped toilet waste over him and his garden furniture. Davies said that there are several incidents every year in which “frozen sewage” is dropped along flight routes. Windsor is on the flight path to London’s Heathrow Airport, which is about 8 miles away from the historic town. But, Davies said that raw sewage landing in someone’s backyard is much rarer. Another councilor suggested that the summer’s warmer weather might have contributed to it.


I know that I already joked about Odell, but he immediately bought a home in Windsor after hearing about this story. This man was trying to enjoy the rare sun that finally broke through the grey darkness that normally covers England. Then boom, he had shit raining from the sky. The first thing I thought of was how much Odell would love this, but then I thought of when Dave Matthews band dumped shit all over people who were casually touring the Chicago River.

The more alarming thing is that having frozen shit fly from airplanes is uncommon. What does that even mean? Imagine you’re hanging outside, and then suddenly you have frozen shit bombs crashing down upon you. Not only is it disgusting, but also extremely dangerous.

In June 2017 Dan Wells, 45, rushed outside to find a plane’s poobomb had smashed a hole nearly two-feet wide in his garage roof.

The Sun

I tried to find out if anybody has ever died because of the frozen shit, and from it, what looks like only one woman was injured in India from a football-size of blue ice, which is the airline term for a frozen shit bomb.

So if you see an airplane flying above you, maybe don’t look above, but maybe run for cover. You could either get frozen shit bombs or raw sewage dumped on you.

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