Of Course, LeBron Is Upset About The Play-In Tournament

Baby Bron has his poor feelings hurt again. It wasn’t an issue when the Lakers were a top 4 seed, but when they slipped to the 7th seed all of a sudden it’s a big deal. The Lakers have been falling apart lately as they are 3-7 in their last ten games. Remember when LeBron was on top of the MVP rankings? That was a good 2 weeks, but age has caught up to the 36-year-old. The addition of injuries, and Anthony Davis not playing well has made the Lakers fall. That’s what happens when you trade your entire young core for one player that has had a long list of injury problems. LeBron needed another superstar so he didn’t care about giving up the Lakers entire young core.

The play in tournament has made the ending of the season more interesting. For the play-in tournament in the West, there is the Warriors, Spurs, and Pelicans are all near the bubble. I’m pretty sure that if we get a Lakers vs. Warriors play in-game that the person who came up with this idea will get a raise. How exciting would it be to see LeBron vs. Steph for a chance to make the playoffs?

For those who don’t exactly know what the play-in tournament is, here’s a simple breakdown. The 7th and 8th seed play one game to see who will be the 7th seed, and the 9th and 10th seed play one game to see who will be the 9th seed. The team that loses and becomes the 8th seed will play the team that became the 9th seed. All the 8th seed needs to do to make it to the playoffs is win one game. In theory, the better team should easily make the playoffs, but crazy shit can happen. What if Steph goes nuclear for three games and hits every 3 he takes? What if Pop puts on the greatest coaching performance we have ever seen? What if Zion proves that he’s one of the best superstars? These are the storylines that can happen because of the play-in tournament. And LeBron wants to rob us of this; what a goddamn asshole.

LeBron isn’t the only person in the NBA to complain about the play-in tournament. When the Mavericks fell to the 7th seed, Mark Cuban came out against the NBA.

For a league that wants to be in the news 24/7, their players aren’t acting like they want to be. This is what the NBA is now; it’s no longer about a ball going into a basket. It’s about Blog Boys arguing with other Blog Boys.

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