OJ Simpson Wants a Longer Sentence for Henry Ruggs

OJ Simpson should probably be attempting to live outside of the public eye. That being said, he is bringing up the fairness of how he was treated in a court of law. Simpson saw the sentencing that Henry Ruggs received and compared it to his own. OJ saw Ruggs sentence and questioned how he is eligible to be out of prison in three years. I think the answer OJ is looking for, is that Ruggs killed half as many people as him. 

Technically, Simpson is comparing Ruggs sentencing to the one he received for armed robbery in 2008. In OJ’s second public trial, he was given nine to thirty-three years for what he claims, was retrieving items stolen from him. His argument honestly makes a lot of sense at face value. Manslaughter is worse than armed robbery.

OJ is either still insane, or he is actually innocent in the case of his girlfriend’s murder. When he starts comparing himself to other legal cases, he has to know what the argument against him is going to be. This is why I think this might be the biggest evidence for OJ’s innocence so far. His lawyer planted that glove thing pretty masterfully. But OJ wouldn’t feel like he was wronged by the justice system if he was a double murderer.

Clearly, this doesn’t change anything about OJ Simpson. I think the only thing this does show us about OJ Simpson is that he needs to be stashed on a farm upstate somewhere. I’m ok with either meaning of that phrase. The world has had enough of OJ Simpson, even if his lack of self-awareness is good for a quick laugh. 

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