Onlyfans Model Makes More Money Than You From Selling Body Fluids

Got cottonmouth? This onlyfans model has you covered as she makes a living selling her spit online (although I don’t think that’s what most people are buying it for). Yeah, you read that correctly. Onlyfans model and former medical student Latiesha Jones from the UK reportedly makes over $3500 a week from selling various bodily fluids such as spit, used toothpaste, toenail clippings, bath water, and used clothing. Jones has made so much money that she paid off her $14,000 student loan debts and has actually dropped out of university entirely.

Jones began her unusual career as a typical onlyfans model selling revealing photos of herself to lonely men on the internet. However, after getting a request to buy her spit for over $300 four years ago, Jones has since transitioned from selling pictures to things that could serve as evidence in a murder trial. Jones says that she sells about three pieces a day, always differing in what is being sold and how much. However, Jones says she will never sell anything for less than $100 and has sold a single bottle of saliva for more than $1800.

While spit is her top seller and what put her on the map, Jones is pretty much willing to sell anything (I don’t think she has sold any excrements yet, I know you were thinking it). Some items that she has successfully sold include extremely sweaty gym clothes, shower water, used bed sheets, and toothbrushes.

Her unconventional job has given Jones a ton of financial freedom as well as pretty easy day-to-day workload. The downside is that despite her success and support from boyfriend and twin sister, Jones says she no longer talks to her mom who disapproves of the business. According to Jones, however, that is perfectly fine as the two always had a strained relationship.

This is wildly absurd. I’ve always seen those comments on Livvy Dunne’s Tiktoks asking for bathwater, but I didn’t actually know that many guys were serious. What does one even do with the spit? Actually, don’t answer that I don’t think I want to know.

Imagine if this was your job. All you gotta do is take a shower with a bucket on the floor. The hardest part is going to the post office daily, but for over $1000 per sale I’m sure Jones is paying someone to do that for her.

Also, why is her twin sister not doing the same exact thing? They’re twins. I assume that they aren’t identical and the sister needs to be beat as hell.

I wish I could do this job. Hell, maybe I start an onlyfans just to see if I can replicate this scheme. I’ll even cut my prices. What do I need $1000 for? I’ll sell you my spit for like $20. You can even put in requests for what you want me to eat, I don’t care.

Seriously, this woman is a genius. Okay, maybe not a genius, but I sure am jealous of her. Men, on the other hand, I could not be more embarrassed for us. Have some self respect and find a woman you love to give you her toe clippings for free. Shame on us, you freaks.

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Written by Alex Becker

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