OU Football Player Spencer Jones Got His Ass Kicked By A Smaller Kid Whoops Turns Out This Kid Has MMA Training

Just dudes being dudes all hanging out in a bars bathroom, and picking a fight with a significantly smaller guy. This guy knows that his hands are registered weapons and looks over at his friend, “like am I really going to have whoop this mans ass? I just want to leave this bathroom and get turned down by 8s”

Then Spencer Jones buddy decides to shove him, and shit hits the fan. A quick 8 punches thrown to the face, and then a slam to the piss soaked floor, and suddenly you’re rolling around with curly’s. This guy could’ve done a lot more damage to Spencer Jones instead of pounding his face into ground beef he went for the rear naked choke. Spencer Jones eye is so fucked up that he had to have surgery, but what’s not getting enough attention is Spencer Jones friend.

This man was first pushed into guys that were just trying to take a piss at the urinal. Also can we imagine you’re just trying to take a piss, and you’re getting pushed in the back. Your balance at the bars urinal is tough enough adding in being pushed from behind is a recipe to face planting in the urinals.

Back to Spencer Jones buddy he then gets slammed into the bathrooms wall, and is clearly knocked the fuck out. There is no Herb Dean in this bathroom to jump in, and stop this man.

I don’t feel bad for Spencer Jones or his buddy if you start a fight, and get your ass kicked that’s your fault. I wonder how many fights they have started with guys who aren’t MMA trained.

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