Our Instagram Got Deleted

Our Instagram account got deleted. Ten years, 8,000 videos, a blue checkmark, and enough funny content to keep you entertained for a whole Saturday waiting at the DMV gone at the drop of a hat. As a company, we could sit here bitching and moaning about how terrifying big tech has become…or we could fucking fight it.

Life isn’t fair, we both know that. Everybody has had their heart broken, been mistreated by their boss, and lost a loved one too soon, but that’s why companies like ours exist. When you’re taking your second poop of the day, and you’d rather play in traffic than finish replying to emails or checking Canvas, we’re always going to be there with a meme that for just a SECOND makes you forget about the bullshit getting handed your way. Our only goal as a company is to bring joy to our fans. And while other comedy brands have gone corporate, we still post videos of kids lighting fireworks in their asscracks, because whether you’re sixteen or twenty-six, it’s fucking funny.

TFM is never going to get good press for the GoFundMe’s we put on our story, or the blogs we write about men’s mental health, because to the world we might be the bad guys, but as long as we have our fans we’re good as gold. And now, we need your support more than ever. As our new Instagram launches, we need our fans to spread the word. This company has changed, just like our readers. Being in a fraternity isn’t about wearing Sperrys and bar-dropping your friends; that’s not the shit we want to promote. Being in a fraternity is about laughing at your boy for peeing his pants in an Uber, feeling like a god when you get more than seven likes on a GroupMe message, and being there when your friend is struggling.

This new chapter is going to have a lot more original content, while also posting the best submissions we receive. We’re going to start bringing on a lot more content creators, and we’re not going to look at numbers, we’re going to look at kids that are actually talented. Just because big tech likes underage girls shaking their ass doesn’t mean you’re crazy for wanting to see a kid struggle to drink 4Lokos. We are excited about this new chapter and hope that all of you can help the company that’s given you so many laughs through the years. Love you guys.

Catch us on our new account @totalfratmoved


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