Paige Spiranac as the Next Barbie?

While Margot Robbie did an excellent job as Barbie, she might have some competition. Paige Spiranac – the original TFM girl – shared some stunning photos on Instagram showing off her Barbie-themed golf outfit and flawless physique. If there’s ever a sequel, she’s definitely got my vote to be recast as Barbie.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to golf more in my life after seeing these photos. Sure, the Barbie movie was a complete disappointment, but at least we get pics like these as a result of it. Paige never disappoints, so she would be an outstanding choice for the next Barbie. Or at the very least, a “Golf Barbie” character. Nothing could be more attractive than a girl like Paige driving the ball a hundred yards further than I do.

Just flat-out beautiful form. You might not be all too focused on her swing, but it really is pure. I’d dish out a couple grand to have a golf lesson with her for sure (only to improve my game, no other reason). I desperately need some help with my irons and I think she’s my best option to improve my game. Not to mention, she’s even got the flop shot down.

I honestly can’t tell what’s more beautiful: Paige or the flop shot. I’d probably go with Paige, but that flop shot is a close second. If you get embarrassed after messing up in front of the cart girl, could you imagine messing up in front of Paige? I’d never recover.

Written by the godfather

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