Paige Spiranac Plays Better Wearing Less Clothes

(Photo from @_paige.renee on Instagram)

Well, here’s an exciting golf theory.

Golfing influencer Paige Spiranac recently published a novel idea to Twitter, claiming that less clothing makes for better performance on the course.

For those of you who don’t know Spiranac, she is an extremely famous golfing influencer who just so happens to owe her entire career to us here at TFM.

Let’s not make this blog about us though, we need to talk about this theory.

Spiranac is known for wearing skimpy clothing while on the course. It’s a huge part of her brand and a main reason we fell in love with her account back when she had just 500 followers.

It’s not ridiculous to think less clothing could improve one’s golf game. For example, Spiranac often wears tank tops and sports bras on the course. These outfits restrict Spiranac’s shoulder movement and rotation far less than if she were to wear a standard golf polo.

I mean, let’s do a comparison, shall we? Here we have a photo of one of Spiranac’s traditional outfits. 

As you can see, Spiranac’s top will not get in the way of her swing no matter the circumstance. She has optimal comfort and space to breathe. As for her bottoms, her flowy shorts give maximum flexibility, allowing her to get a good torque when she rotates her hips.

Now, let’s see a more conservative, buttoned-up look for Spiranac.

I will say, despite this outfit performing worse for Paige, she still looks damn stylish in it. However, right off the bat you could see how limiting this polo is for Spiranac. Her sleeves are skin-tight and pretty low, which will reduce her shoulder extension and thus give her ball less lift off the ground. That is not what you want. Moreover, Spiranac clearly struggles to take in oxygen with this constraining of a shirt. Just look at the buttons. She has to leave all three undone just to be able to breathe. That’s not a problem in sports bras.

Sprianac herself calls her theory “science,” so let’s talk numbers. Actually, let’s let Paige break it down.

A seven stroke difference?!?! Surely, that’s enough evidence to convince the world of this phenomenon.

I know there will be skeptics, however. So for those hateful people, I have a suggestion. We need more trials.

Look, Paige, I believe you. I’ve seen all the evidence myself from stalking your page for hours on end (daily). Yet, there will still be some scientific method nerds out there who won’t buy your theory until they see enough repetition. So, I suggest you keep comparing clothing levels, but take it further.

For example, maybe one round you play in literally nothing. Yes, nothing. The next round you will wear a winter coat, ski pants, and a football helmet. Then, you can compare the scores from the most extreme levels of clothing.

The thing is, for this to be true science we need more than just one test subject. Maybe we can have real PGA golfers try out this method. Yet, for equality, we should also have some LPGA golfers try it out. Then, we will have our true answer.

Maybe, we leave John Daly out of this experiment, though. No one wants to see that.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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  1. Interestingly enough, the “seven stroke difference” was also experienced by most of the people looking at these photos/videos.

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