Paige Spiranac Uses Mickelson to Make a Joke About Her Chest

The British Open is taking place this week, and the biggest stars in golf have all been showing out. Paige Spiranac used this as a chance to make a joke at the expense of Phil Mickelson, men everywhere. A picture came out of a wide-eyed Phil Mickelson smiling ear-to-ear, and Spiranac posted it saying, “How men look when they are trying their hardest to make eye contact with me.” 

Paige Spiranac is in on the joke. She is well aware of how her looks have contributed to her fan base, and she does a great job of leaning into it. She took advantage of Phil Mickelson doing what looks like a Gary Busey impression, and turned it into a joke about her chest. 

The golf world needs to use Spiranac more than they are already. Her Points Bet commercial is awesome, as is her Instagram. What’s a better time to officially bring her into the mix than in the middle of the PGA-LIV merge? The golf world loves her, so they should throw her a contract while money is flying around. Their viewership would benefit from it. 

I’m an average golfer. I go to the course to get drunk and convince myself I’ve exercised. I don’t watch the sport, because there isn’t a lot of entertainment for the average viewer. I don’t know how someone approaches a nine-iron flop shot, or if that’s a real term. Therefore, watching someone hit one of those shots isn’t very exciting. What would get me, and countless others to tune in, is by having Spiranac be the official tour cart girl. Let her give out drinks and hit bombs in the down time. It would be the best thing to happen to the sport since Tiger’s cheating scandal.

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