Paige Spiranac Wants to Show Off Her Body Too

In a recent Savannah Bananas game, two players did a shirtless dance in front of the pitcher’s mound and were praised by female announcers. Paige Spiranac pointed out the praise these guys received for this, while she is often criticized in the sports world for showing off her body. I feel the need to come to Spiranac’s defense in this debate. She is totally right, and should be encouraged to show off her body. 

If you’re not entirely sure who Spiranac is, she posts videos of her looking gorgeous and destroying golf balls. She essentially represents everything men love in thirty second social media videos. TFM helped Spiranac launch her career through some passionate writing, and it has entirely taken off since. She is one of those people who masterfully walks the tight rope of having talent and looking incredible while doing it. 

I don’t think Spiranac is to blame for how she presents herself in her videos. It’s not her fault that women’s golf clothing is the hottest thing to happen to sports since they put microphones on women’s tennis courts. Obviously she leans into it a bit. But she also earns a living on the internet. So she kind of has to. 

The only thing Spiranac did that I disagree with is support the Savannah Bananas. Those guys all annoy me beyond belief, and I don’t consider their game to be baseball. She called them good for the sport. It felt like the way people try to compliment Jake Paul by saying he’s good for boxing. Getting people to watch a dumbed down version of a sport helps nothing. Spiranac and I can agree to disagree on this one though, because I’m willing to make compromises for love. 

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