Parent Fights Referee Mid Game

There’s honestly nothing better than youth sports, especially when they include a Randy Marsh style parent fight.

Midway through a youth basketball game, one parent close to the sidelines started chirping the referee, and evidently words were not enough to get the dude’s point across, as he elected to take a big swing at the ref. The altercation escalated to the ref pulling a WWE takedown move and bringing the guy to the ground, where players, coaches, and spectators jumped in to stop the fight:

The joy on that one kid’s face as he watches the brawl take place is what childhood sporting events are all about: happiness. 

Tons of credit to the referee for holding his own out there. He took a surprise attack and still managed to come out on top. But more credit is owed to the dad that took that first swing. Way to make that game a hell of a lot more memorable, man.

Written by Vinegar Strokes

Above average intelligence, below average weiner.

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