Passenger Arrested for Opening the Door on a Moving Plane

Some airline prankster in South Korea opened the emergency exit row on a plane while it was traveling at 500 miles per hour. Surprisingly, no one was seriously hurt from this stunt. Unsurprisingly, the joker who did this was arrested upon landing. There is a video that shows passengers enjoying a cool breeze next from the air rushing in from the opening in the wall, which is linked below. 

This didn’t really seem too bad to me. There are apparently two options in terms of what your airplane can feel like. It can be incredibly stuffy and hot, or you can make it breezy as hell. The former is why everyone hates riding on airplanes in the first place, but the latter is kind of like riding in a Jeep. It’s at least fun for a little bit, right.

Everyone is pointing out the issues with this person’s actions. I think we should be looking into a motive. Is everyone reading this telling me that they have never sat next to someone eating something ridiculous on a flight, wishing they could just crack one of those windows. One of our lazy college students who also likes to work from home esteemed bloggers, Alex Becker, just wrote about the worst people to sit next to on airplanes. I’ll link it here because he masterfully summarized the worst people to ever sit on a plane and not hijack it. 

I have zero doubt in my mind that you will feel at least a little sympathetic for the guy who did this if you read Becker’s blog. I know if someone spilled chili on me in the middle of a flight I would probably try to leave also. Sometimes you just do what you gotta do and then deal with the consequences later.

What everyone can agree on is that it’s good this took place in the Southern half of Korea. If it was North Korea, Kim Jong Un would’ve shot the plane down himself to prove a point about disobedience. 

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