Patrick Mahomes Breaks Silence on Brother’s Sexual Assault Charges…

With the start of NFL OTAs this week, we’ve gotten a chance to hear from the league’s superstars as we slowly approach the preseason. While seeing new faces on different teams has been exciting, there’s been one story throughout the offseason that the media and NFL fans alike have been dying to ask questions about: Jackson Mahomes. Jackson was arrested in early May on aggravated sexual battery charges and is due back in court in August. With a disturbing video of him forcing himself onto a restaurant owner leaked to the public, Jackson Mahomes has been continuously clowned on social media (what’s new?). Patrick Mahomes was briefly asked about the situation during media availability on Wednesday, obviously unwilling to disclose major details about the case.

I don’t personally know Patrick Mahomes, but he just seems like a genuinely good and kind human being. With the drama that both his brother and wife have caused over the years, I feel so awful for this man.  If we’re being completely honest, it’s an inescapable curse. I know everyone has their own baggage – and by no means am I calling Mahomes a perfect guy – but you would think that the best quarterback in the NFL shouldn’t have to constantly deal with PR nightmares stemming from his family. I don’t think I would be able to keep my composure if I was in his situation. As soon as the reporter asked me about Jackson, I probably would’ve just spilled all the beans. I wouldn’t want to be associated with Jackson Mahomes solely off of his TikTok account, let alone a sexual assault charge

I know that most parents don’t like to pick favorites, but there’s no way that Patrick isn’t getting the more expensive Christmas gifts every year. If I had one child who has won multiple Super Bowls and the potential to go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, and then another child who did nothing but make dance videos and inappropriately touch women, I would tell people that I only have one child. For Patrick’s sake, I hope everyone completely forgets about Jackson and this disgusting incident, but we all know that NFL Twitter will never let that happen.

Written by the godfather

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