PC Snow White and The Six-Foot Dwarves

Hollywood is remaking another classic story into a movie to demonstrate their acceptance. This time, they are making a live action version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The problem with this version of the film, is the creators are taking an excessive number of creative liberties from the classic story. The fans are angry about many things, but none more than the fact that seven dwarves probably boast an average height of five foot ten.

This movie is already doomed. Disney has been in the midst of a cultural backtrack for a while now. Someone clearly pointed out in a board meeting that nearly all of the titular characters were white, which forced the company to even the score in their remakes. I have no problem with this. In one of the few film classes I was in person and awake for, the professor talked about film representation. I wasn’t paying enough attention to give valuable input on the subject, but I understood her point.

Fine, Disney can pick whoever they want to be their next live action princess. Let Timothee Chalamet play Snow White if you really want. But they really should pick one side to this argument. Choosing a non-white lead, and non-dwarf dwarves is hilarious. The people in charge were probably excited to get Rachel Zegler in the main role. But they also opted for a group more diverse than any college pamphlet in the country instead of choosing a group of actual dwarves. 

The best part about this movie is how Disney allowed us to entertain ourselves at their expense. I find a special type of amusement in watching a company talk themselves into the woke option, and then getting eviscerated online because of terrible execution. One person on Twitter even described it as, “Snow White and the seven diversity hires.” The other reactions were so bad that Disney denied the legitimacy of the picture, before tucking their tail between their legs and claiming ownership of this nightmare. 

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  1. 1. I didn’t get mad about a black Little Mermaid like a lot of people did. And the remakes haven’t been a complete PC-fest, because Emma Watson. And I have no objections to Rachel Zegler as an actress or as a person. But come on, people, her name is literally Snow White, so named (in the original Grimm fairy tale) because of her “skin as white as snow.” Just sayin’.

    2. Aside from all the “dwarves” looking like rejects from the cast of Godspell, is it just me or does the one in front look disturbingly like Dave Grohl? Please, please let him remake “Big Me” for the soundtrack. 🙂

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