People are Mad at Leonardo DiCaprio for Winning Life

You probably have heard by now, but Leonardo DiCaprio (47) broke up with Camila Morrone (25), his girlfriend of 4 years. The reason you almost certainly have heard about this is because the internet cannot stop talking about it. It’s not the celebrity break-up that’s gotten the best of the inter-web, it’s Leo’s inability to date anyone over the age of 25.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been the most famous actor in the world for roughly two and a half decades. Over that stretch, Leo has aged, well, 25 years. Also during that stretch, not a single one of his lovers turned 26. That’s right, eight different relationships over twenty-five years and the man hasn’t dated a single woman over the age of 25. Please reference the graph below to just see the data.

And boy oh boy are people mad about this. They think it’s predatory behavior by Leo. Hollywood has always had some pretty large age gaps in terms of relationships, but once you start pushing double the age of your partners, people are going to say something. Even Leo, once the sexiest man alive (I’m confident enough to say that) is now getting hate from some long-time supporters. He’s been called “disgusting”, “predatory” and “old” amongst other names.

As this tweet says, the believed reasoning behind his science is that he doesn’t want a family and once girls start pushing their late 20s they have a yearning to settle down (sources words, not mine).

And to all the people hating on Leo, you can fuck off. You can think whatever you want of Leo, but he never made anyone enter a relationship that didn’t want to, and from all reports, he was upfront about his desires from the beginning.

Some people are saying it’s degrading to females, and that this wouldn’t happen if the roles were reversed. Buddy, I would date a 70-year-old Jennifer Aniston for as long as she wanted to. You don’t think Marly Streep couldn’t get some 22-year-old hogs? I’d give up my Social security for a date with 59-year-old Demi Moore.

Also, if this gets you mad, I’d like you to start yelling at Mick Jagger. Do you know how awkward a family reunion is when your Aunt is 6 and your Nephew is 58?

Leo won. HE WON. We don’t all win, most of us lose. You, the person reading this, you lost too. I know I lost for sure. We can’t all be winners, but we all have to respect winners, and Leo is one of them. He has more silver than King Midas and will go down in history as one of the five best actors to ever live. The dude stopped taking every role he was offered years ago, now he just sits back and takes a role when the big dogs (Scorsese, Tarantino, etc) call him.

And how does he pass his days? By hooking up and traveling the world with the most attractive women to ever exist. And you boo this man? The man doing everything you want to do? You play an eight-string parlay every weekend in the fall just to feel what he feels every single day. Let’s stop hating and respect greatness.

Written by tfmdirtymike

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