People Who Like Having Period Sex

  • People who say “half a dozen”
  • Your friend who claims they’re not on Tik Tok
  • The guy who most recently cut you off in traffic 
  • People who brag about “reading” an audiobook
  • Tourists 
  • People who yo-yo
  • Skylar White
  • Tesla owners
  • People who have “You look lost. Follow me” in their bio
  • Clowns 
  • Murderers 
  • Clown murderers
  • Anyone on The View
  • My ex
  • Everyone on Craigslist
  • My other ex
  • People who stretch ON the treadmill
  • Chris Brown
  • Guy who made that Burger King Tweet
  • The person who waved at you so you waved back but they were actually waving at someone else
  • Anyone you’ve ever talked to at Six Flags
  • Anti-vaxxers
  • Men who own scarfs 
  • The bully from middle school who you wanted to know where he was at in life
  • Anyone that still owns an iPod
  • The guy who carries around a gallon of water everywhere
  • People who keep teabags in their mug while drinking tea
  • People who drink tea
  • Bloggers
  • People who drink tea while blogging
  • People who drink tea while blogging and need a funny way to end a blog
  • Me 

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