PETA is Angry at Pete Davidson

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PETA is pissed at Pete Davidson because he purchased a dog from a pet store in Manhattan instead of adopting from a shelter. First, a picture hit the internet that saw him and his girlfriend in the pet store. PETA then responded by putting out a message asking him to adopt in the future. This message annoyed Davidson, as he responded with a profanity riddled voicemail to PETA’s Senior VP of Cruelty Investigations. In this voicemail, he defended himself before telling the woman to suck his dick.

Davidson probably didn’t need to make this voicemail, but I will never defend PETA in any conflict. Davidson was openly purchasing the dog for his mother, who’s previous dog just passed away. PETA clearly didn’t care, and decided the image of him in a pet store was enough to make their point. Another thing that truly bothers me about these guys, is how trendy they believe they are. In the message they posted about Davidson, they said that he should show some, “big heart energy.” That almost made me want to drive home to feed my family dog a bag of M&Ms. It would hurt me, but it would probably hurt PETA more.

It’s insane how an organization whose entire purpose is protecting animals is so utterly unlikable. I think most people can get behind the fact that PETA has a good message overall. Their problem comes from their inflated sense of morality, and how they often think they are being funny while doing it. Yes, it would’ve been better to adopt, not shop. But since you aren’t going to change what happened with that Tweet, stop with the passive aggressive jokes and just say what’s on your mind. If I were Pete, my only response to this message would’ve been an eleven-minute video of me eating a family size KFC bucket. I think this is the ultimate way to remind PETA they have no authority. 

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