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Petty Things to do to Get Back at Your Ex

Hook up with Her Friend-

This is a classic way to get back at your ex, but sometimes unattainable. Most times girls will not be down for this, regardless of how close you are to them. However, there are some times when you could pull this off. If the girls have a falling out, that could be the best time to cash in. This is a fucked up thing to do and nothing can reverse this decision once it has been made. Expect to be texted, “your dead to me,” and to be blocked on every social media account. In the end, who gives a damn.

Purposely Get Caught With a Random Girl-

This is another petty move that will get you blocked on every social media. Or even worse, a slap to the face. This move can be done on social media and all it takes is one of your friends to post a story of you and this random girl. Or plant some social media seed some other way, but the whole point is for your Ex to see you with another girl from an outside source. A way this could be done in person would be if you are at the same bar or party, would just to make out and or dance with another chick. Very simple tactic and she will either see it happen or hear from someone else that it happened. It’s a very good technique, but put your hands up because that slap to the face is coming in like a nuke in Nuketown.

Get Into a Relationship Immediately After-

This is a gnarly move to make. It shows that you are a whore, but obviously, you don’t give a shit. You just want her to get pissed. And she couldn’t be madder than finding this out. It might not be good for your mental health depending on how long you were dating your ex. Nonetheless, if you can stick it out for a month or so, you will have completed the job. To take it a step further in pettiness would be to post this girl after two weeks of seeing her and caption it, “Happy 6 months!”

Written by Danny Serrano

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