Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Brothers Rush To Help Lift Tree Off Girl At University of Georgia

A University of Georgia student, Mia Corte, is currently recovering at home with her family after an incident on campus during a powerful thunderstorm. The incident took place on Monday, May 8th, when winds, reaching speeds of up to 64 mph, wreaked havoc on campus. As Corte was navigating through the campus, an uprooted tree caused by the storm struck her, resulting in severe head and body injuries that left her in critical condition.

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta

Fortunately, help was at hand. Several individuals, including two members of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (Pike), played a pivotal role in aiding Corte. Though these fraternity brothers chose to remain anonymous, their actions were essential in the rescue operation. They quickly sprang into action, inspiring others to assist, and together, they lifted branches and debris to create a path for the emergency EMTs to extract Corte from beneath the fallen tree.

When interviewed about their involvement, the Fraternity brothers humbly downplayed their contribution, stating that they were not seeking recognition or credit for their actions. One of them mentioned, “Everyone just swarmed in and rushed in and grabbed whatever they could. Then a few minutes after that they were able to [remove Mia from under the fallen tree].” Their selflessness and willingness to assist in a time of crisis highlight the goodness that exists within people, which is not talked about enough these days. Despite their modesty, it is evident that their bravery made a significant impact on saving Mia’s life. When asked how they celebrated helping someone in such an impactful way, one said “It was the end of finals kind of so we might have had a few drinks after”.

In addition to their heroic efforts, the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity actively engages in community service initiatives. Recently, they organized a Greek Park cleanup event, where members from their fraternity and three other fraternities at Georiga worked together to clean up the park surrounding their fraternity houses. Alongside the cleanup, they organized a fundraising volleyball tournament, with the proceeds going to “Extra Special People,” a local charity.

As for Mia Corte, the latest reports from Fox 5 Atlanta indicate that she is on the road to recovery and is currently in stable condition at her home. Corte’s mother commended the exceptional care her daughter received at Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital. The resilience and support exhibited by both her family and the fraternity brothers who aided her serve as a shining light to the good that Fratnernites bring to our local communities. 

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta

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