Pickle Alcohols Are Taking Over The Summer

(Photo from Spritz Society on Facebook)

Do you love pickles and need something to help numb the pain of everyday life? Well, I have the product(s) for you!

With pickles becoming the biggest addiction this country has seen since fidget spinners, alcohol companies are beginning to incorporate dill into their products. So far this summer alone, we have seen the rise of two different pickled alcohols.

First, on June 6th, Two Robbers seltzer revealed the first ever pickle flavored seltzer to the world. In a collaboration with Grillo’s Pickles, Two Robbers unveiled Grillo’s Pickle Hard Seltzer. According to the brands’ press release, the novel drink “combines the world’s best pickles with the world’s best hard seltzer for a refreshing and unique summer blend.”

(Photo from The Today Show)

As if that wasn’t enough, just two days ago a different vendor released a pickle-wine infusion. In a partnership with the famous Claussen Pickles, wine spritzer company Spritz Society announced their brand new Spritz Society Pickle by Claussen. The imaginative combo “​​contains refreshing white wine and a signature pickle flavor,” according to the press release.

(Photo from Spritz Society on Facebook)

The idea for a pickle-inspired wine actually began as a joke a little over a year ago. On April Fool’s 2022, Spritz Society posted to Facebook unleashing their Sour Pickle Spritz. Though originally a prank, fans were quick to show their support for a briney wine, ultimately leading to this Claussen collab just a year later.

Personally, I don’t think I’d be a fan of either of these drinks. I like pickles on my Chick-Fil-A sandwich, but this is just too much. Alcohol should taste like hope and freedom, not pickles. However, I know this is gonna kill it. Pilates girls everywhere are going to start to buy this in bulk as well as anyone in Chicago who loves pickleback shots. 

For those interested in trying either of these, you need to act quick. While Grillo’s Pickle Hard Seltzer can be purchased at Acme, Giant, Whole Foods, and Wegmans, Spritz Society Pickle by Claussen is only available on their website for a limited time. They aren’t cheap either with a 4-pack costing $25 (minimum order of two packs). That’s $50 for pickle wine! I know there are pickle faithfuls willing to drop that money, but for that price you better blackout after one.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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