Pink Floyd Bassist Performs in Controversial Nazi Outfit

Roger Waters is a little late with his fashion choices it appears. Eighty-four years late to be precise. The legendary bassist from Pink Floyd was recently doing a show in Berlin where he dressed in an all-black suit with red arm bands. He also pretended to shoot a fake machine gun at an inflatable pig with the Star of David on it, and showed displayed names such as Anne Frank and other Holocaust victims. After the show, the Berlin police began an investigation, “regarding the suspicion of incitement of the people.”

I’m not exactly sure what Roger Waters was going for. Is this supposed to be a social message about Nazi injustice. We’ve seen The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, we know the holocaust was bad. Apparently, his goal was to raise awareness about Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians. This might’ve worked if the headline about his performance wasn’t wasted by questioning if he’s a Nazi. 

I find the response of the German police to be really funny in this situation. I imagine the headline began to spread around the city of Berlin until it got to the people in charge. The city’s leaders probably got wind of this happening and immediately went into PR mode. I think they already know the rest of the world keeps an eye on them at all times after the first two world wars. The sudden panic as they strategized on how to tell the world they have learned their lesson and won’t be trying to start another Nazi uprising must’ve been so hectic. 

I appreciate the Germans getting out ahead of this one and showing the world they are no longer Nazis. This is an important distinction, especially when you realize the difference between being one and not being one started a pretty big war in the past. 

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