Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Hey Babe

Hey Babe features Sal Vulcano of Impractical Jokers and Chris Distefano, who is one of my favorite stand-up comedians. The two of them spend the entire podcast swapping stories, and every single episode will make you laugh. The chemistry they have is unmatched, and I can’t tell you how much I love listening to Sal crack up 3-4 times an episode.

We Might Be Drunk

Two of my other favorite stand-up comedians, Sam Morril and Mark Normand head this one, and while it does have some genuinely laugh out loud moments, the bulk of the podcast is the two of them talking about different movies, TV shows, and books they love, as well as trying out bits on each other and talking about their path to stand-up. It’s pretty cool to see some behind the scenes stuff, and they give some awesome recommendations, too.

Going Deep with Chad and JT

The sheer vocabulary alone in this podcast is enough to make me keep listening, but the two Cali bros also create a crazy funny dynamic in the way that they (I believe ironically) talk like your classic frat douches. If you’re a fan of Real Bros of Simi Valley, this is a fantastic podcast for you.

Two Bears, One Cave

Burt Kreischer and Tom Segura are at the helm for this one, and we owe them for creating the funniest video on the internet as a result of this podcast. If you want a taste of what you’re in for, watch this video, and trust me, you’ll need to take a break from laughing for a while.

Bad Friends

Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee are fucking awesome. If you’ve ever seen The League, you’ll recognize both of them, but you won’t see them as anything but two hilarious hosts of an awesome podcast after listening.

That Never Happened and So I Was Like

TFM’s own podcasts, so go show them some love. New episodes dropped yesterday, and they’re both well worth the watch

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